Growing up in Binghamton, NY was a great childhood.  My father was a plastic surgeon who came from the Philippines to live the American Dream.  He knew he had the opportunity to be the plastic surgeon for the stars in Hollywood, but he chose to be a big fish in a small pond instead.


I wish my parents spoke to us in Tagalog, but they said they wanted to fit in as much as possible, and since English was their official language (in addition to Tagalog) they had no problem using English.  They also said that we gave them flack whenever they spoke to us in Tagalog so they just stopped altogether.


Of course hindsight is 20/20 so now they realize what a great opportunity we missed because they were not persistent. I, too, wish I knew the value of being able to communicate in a different language when I was younger.  I have Korean friends who’s parents said that since they will be speaking English for the rest of their lives, they will only speak Korean while in the house.


But my childhood was great.  We never really lacked anything – we were even spoiled.  We had a nice house, great cars, great reputation in the community, and had great memories.  Of course there were the times when we had wooden tennis racquets broken on our butts, but we deserved it.  But looking back now, I really appreciate everything our parents did for us and I remind myself to tell them as often as I can.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog, which is really my memories of being an NFL Football fan growing up.

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