OK. Haven’t been around for a while – sorry about that. But here are my comments about the Denver Broncos QB situation.

We saw last season that the quarterback position is still important no matter how good your defense is. I truly believe that Trevor Simeon did not have a chance to play his best because of the lackluster performance of the offensive line. If we had a better O-line, we would have a better idea about how good he really is.

I think everyone will agree Paxton Lynch is still not ready to take us deep into the playoffs just yet. So the million dollar question is do we take a gamble on an old, injury prone quarterback like Tony Romo. I think the answer should be yes and I’ll explain why…

John Elway knows what he is doing. He has proven it time and time again, but his decision on Peyton Manning brought us 2 trips to the Superbowl with 1 resulting in a Championship, which was his best decision so far! I completely trust his evaluation of the situation and he will make the best decision for the team. Having said all that, I really don’t see another QB that has the ability to take us as far as Romo can – provided he stays healthy – but that is a caveat with every quarterback in the league.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Romo gives us our best chance to win on offense NOW. Our great defense will not stay together forever so we should take advantage of our situation right now.

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