Still Football Weather?

Everyone knows that spring weather in the Rocky Mountains is crazy. We can have 70 weather one day, and a blizzard the next. Last week we were in the 60’s and this weekend we are just getting over a heavy, wet snow storm. The good news is that it wasn’t too cold so the snow didn’t stick to the roads, but the grass got anywhere from 4″ to 2 feet around town. Even though the football season is over, this is great football weather (or snowman making weather)!

During the heart of the storm, the winds kicked up something terrible! When I got home, I thought someone had stolen my garbage cans, but I checked our security cameras and way that it was nothing more than mother nature playing a game of hide-and-seek with me. If you ever need a security camera system in Colorado, be sure to connect with Rich at Colorado Springs Security Cameras ( for an awesome deal.

So I mention football not only because of the weather, but the NFL Draft started on Friday and will go throughout the weekend. I’m excited about who the Denver Broncos picked so far but only time will tell if John Elway and crew can make their magic happen again. In the meantime, we will just have to listen to the “talking heads” and “armchair quarterbacks” do their job of causing controversy to keep us engaged.

By the way – please don’t listen to the noise of bringing Tim Tebow back.  There is a reason both the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles both cut him the last few seasons…