Onto the Divisional Round!


What a fun weekend of NFL football this weekend! We had 2 blowouts and 2 sort of close games. But I think the best teams won – even if it was a little lucky (better to be lucky than good right?). The missed field goal by the Vikings reminded me of when the Buffalo Bills missed a game winning field goal attempt to win the Super bowl. That was the first of 4 Super bowls in a row for the Bills, but it only went downhill from there.

I think the Divisional playoff games will be intriguing. Carolina vs Seattle will not be a gimmie by any means (none of these games will be!) but I believe Carolina will be well rested and itching to get back on the field. As much momentum as Seattle has, I don’t think they will have what it takes to overcome the Carolina high power machine. I’m picking Carolina at home to take the win.

The Arizona Cardinals vs the Green Bay Packers will be another exciting match up. Arizona has been hot all season, but it looks like the Packers finally found their rhythm and are looking to make a deep playoff run. But the Cardinals are well rested and I’m sure itching to get back onto the field. The Packers will have some good confidence with their win over Washington, but was Washington really a worthy opponent? I believe this game will be close, but I see the Cardinals edging out the Packers.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the hottest team in the NFL right now. They just blanked the Houston Oilers (again – a worthy opponent?) and are cruising on an 11 game winning streak. They look like they can match up confidently against anyone. However, the New England Patriots are always the team nobody wants to play against in the playoffs. The bye week helped many of their players get healthy and they have tremendous experience in the post season. This game will really be a close one, but I believe with home field advantage, the Patriots will pull it out.

The Denver Broncos will have a chance for revenge as the Pittsburg Steelers come to the Mile High City. The Broncos already announced they will start Peyton Manning in spite of his injured foot. The players are well rested from the Bye week and the Defense is still the best in the league. The Steelers, on the other hand, are all banged up. Antonio Davis and Ben Rothlesberger are both key players and their health will have an impact on the Steelers ability to score points. As I said earlier, no game next weekend is a gimmie, and this will also be a hard fought battle with the Broncos capitalizing on the home field advantage.

This past weekend all the home teams lost. I predict that this weekend all the home teams will win – even if it is because of a little luck.