Out of Respect

OK – not a post about football, but I would like to pay my respects to my wife’s aunt and my older brother. My wife’s aunt got sick with cancer and in ¬†after she was diagnosed, she passed away quickly. There may have been symptoms that were ignored, but she was otherwise healthy and happy. We traveled to California to say goodbye to her while she was still alive, and then we scheduled to go back to attend her funeral.

My brother had heart issues for a while. Sometimes his numbers were good, sometimes bad. Sometimes his other organs worked, sometimes they didn’t. I won’t go into how he ended up in the condition he was in, but the Wednesday before we were supposed to go to aunt’s funeral in CA, my brother had a major brain bleed – probably from the blood thinners – so my dad, sister and I decided to go to TX (while my wife and kids went to CA).

On the way to the airport on Thrusday morning, we got the news that my brother did not survive until morning. So instead of a trip waiting in the hospital for him to recover, we ended up helping prepare for his funeral.

My wife was singing, and I was a pallbearer for aunt’s funeral, so I couldn’t miss that. I left TX early Saturday morning and barely made it in time for her funeral in CA. Sunday morning, we left early from CA to TX to make it in time for my brother’s funeral. We went home Monday, did some laundry, got some rest, and left Tuesday for Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving with my wife’s family. ¬†Needless to say we were physically and emotionally exhausted. The rest and time with family was good.

Death is always a sad time for many, but I always like to focus on the happy times. Every time I see a body in a coffin, I feel more happy than sad because now they are at peace. No more pain and suffering, no more dealing with knuckleheads, and the opportunity to rest in paradise. I hope they both get to rest in paradise together, and watch over and protect us. Their memories will always keep me smiling.

Thank you for the prayers and support!