Football in a Blizzard!

We had a blizzard here in Colorado today. My buddy owns a Tow Truck Company ( and they are busy pulling stuck vehicles out of snow drifts all day. So it got me thinking – what would football be without snow! Sure you have your Miamis and San Diegos and all your dome stadiums, but when the weather starts to get cold and the snow starts to fall then you really know you in the heart of football season. You always see those crazy fans at the games with no shirt on in 20 degree weather in the middle of winter. I never understood that – either they were too drunk to feel anything, or they were already too numb to notice. I always wondered what the injury report for those guys would be, and how long it took for their bodies to normalize.


Typically the Super Bowl is held either in warm climates, or in a city with a dome. For the first time, the Super Bowl was held in a cold climate city in 2014 in New York. Many other cities watched with great interest (Denver, Green Bay, Seattle, etc.) to see if it was a success to then bolster their chance of hosting the Super Bowl in the future. New York almost had a disaster with a big snow storm just before the game, but they were able to clear the snow and have the game without weather incident.

So it will still be cold tomorrow (but no snow or wind), but back to the 50s on Thursday. But it is always more fun to see these huge NFL players performing their craft in less than ideal conditions. It really shows who the better talent is as each team has to adjust to the weather. Unless air has to be let out of some footballs – but that is for another blog…